Financial Support for Blastocystis Research

After terminating my PhD and post doc studies on Blastocystis, I now have to do Blastocystis-related research mainly in my spare time and "con amore". Although some grant money is coming in, it is clear that I need €1M+ in order to really get the wheels going (i.e. accommodating PhD and post doc students and covering lab expenses and expenses related to purchase of technology). If funding is not obtained, it is clear that my contribution to Blastocystis research in the future will be less seminal.

As I wrote in one of my blog posts, I have been very close to obtaining really significant funding and have a lot of material at the ready for future applications. I'm also turning to my brilliant international colleagues in order to encourage collaboration between our labs.

Any ideas of ways to get funding for our Blastocystis research are most welcome.

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