Friday, July 29, 2022

Intestinal parasites - where are we going? Ask @ ICOPA2022!

Billions of people host single-celled intestinal parasites, but what do we really know about these organisms and the way they impact our lives? Register virtually/on-site for #ICOPA2022 to learn more on this and go here for more inspiration.

Note that registration is still possible, and that one can register for on-site or virtual attendance. Please spread the word!



Thursday, July 21, 2022

Still possible to register for ICOPA2022 at the regular rate

Hi all,

We are so excited and looking forward to receiving a great number of scientists here in Copenhagen for the ICOPA 2022 event in exactly month from now!

Please note that you can still register at the regulate rate - please go here for more information. After July 27, the on-site registration fee will apply. Please note that you can register for on-site participation and also for virtual attendance only, if you think you cannot make it to Copenhagen. The fee for virtual participation is €350 (€225 for students).

Of course, there will be talks and posters involving Blastocystis - for starters, I can mention the following sessions:

PA04-02 - Giardia, Entamoeba, Blastocystis: 2.3 Intestinal parasitic diseases


PA09-04 - Symposium - Blastocystis: Updates on detection, molecular epidemiology, and molecular and cell biologyTopic: 3.5 Parasitic zoonoses and vector-borne diseases


PA10-05 - Other studies of parasites of domestic and wild animals: 3.6 Other studies related to parasites of domestic and wild animals


PA08-07 - One Health with a social sciences twist


 - and no less than 10 sessions are scheduled that will contain talks involving the microbiome!


And then of course, there will be a multitude of talks and posters on other intestinal parasites.


Why not go and familiarise yourself with the interactive programme here.


See you soon!