Friday, May 18, 2012

Blastocystis network on Facebook

This blog includes everything from updates on Blastocystis research, paper evaluations, polls, links, lab SOPs, to network opportunities and social interaction suggestions for all of us interested in Blastocystis. This time I want to guide your attention towards the Blastocystis network on Facebook. This is a good place to discuss personal experience with e.g. Blastocystis diagnosis and treatment and symptoms. The group is called "Blastocystis sp. (Blastocystis hominis and sp.)". If you have any experience and comments on Flagyl/Protostat (metronidazole), CDD regimens, including Secnidazole, Nitazoxanide, Furazolidone, Septrim (or Bactrim), Diloxanide Furoate, or other agents, please look up the group and share... We need your experience and views.


  1. What's the address for the facebook group?

  2. Dear CS,
    if you are on Facebook, just look up Blastocystis sp. (B. hominis and sp.) (

  3. Hi Christen
    I have blasto - could I drop you a line about symptoms? I can't find your email address here!
    Jeremy Head
    Twitter @jeremyhead

  4. The group is closed, how can i join the group?