Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Share Your Experience

It is a fact that a lot of people with diarrhoea, IBS and other intestinal symptoms are diagnosed with Blastocystis, and that sometimes drugs are prescibed with the aim to obtain clinical and microbiological improvement. While there is no specific drug against Blastocystis, a lot of different ones (see previous posts) are used in order to try and eradicate the parasite. Since these drugs differ from country to country in terms of availability and since there is no consensus as to which drug(s) to use, it is of great importance that people who have been diagnosed with Blastocystis and who have received treatment share their experience. We need information on what drugs that result in partial or complete alleviation of symptoms (clinical improvement) and that are capable of clearing the parasite from the gut.

Facebook has a forum (Blastocystis sp. (B. hominis and sp.) where there is a very active debate going on just on this. It may be so that you want to share your view/experience there; you can also mail your story to parasitologyonline [at] gmail dot com.


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  1. Dear Christen,

    Please look up the page

    Jacky, who wrote the page, collects treatment yays and nays on her page, and it is a really impressive catalogue already.