Tuesday, September 20, 2022

PhD position on Blastocystis and more in Mark van der Giezen's lab, Norway

 I HAVE to post this!

This PhD position is one of more that are linked to the project "The Role of Blastocystis in inflammatory bowel disease".

If you or somebody you know share our interests in the interplay between common eukaryotic endosymbionts, gut bacteria and host health/disease and have an appropriate background (see call above), then please don't hesitate to apply - you'd be in for SO much fun! And you'd also get the opportunity to partake in the COST Blastocystis in One Health network that will going on for the next four years. You will very quickly become part of 'the Blastocystis community' and what not, and you'll join us in our endeavours to learn how we can put our knowledge into use. 

Go and apply! :-)