Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blastocystis Treatment

In my opinion, in many cases we should "leave Blastocystis alone". In some cases, however, treatment may be warranted. However, currently there are no convincing drug regimens. RCTs needed.
For more information, please consult this review. 

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  1. Dear Christen, Thank you very much for raising awareness about the Blastocystic parasite in your blog. I hope that many people will find some answers here. I suffered from undiagnosed Blastocystic parasite infection for almost 5 years before I was diagnosed properly and I could not disagree more you’re your above heading! In those five and a half years my health literally plummeted and I was searching under every rock I could find to try and work out what was happening to my body. I caused chronic fatigue in my body and daily tasks because an uphill battle. I don't want to sound too dramatic but I simply want to say that I did eventually find a cure. Flaglyl did help enormously. I tried several homeopathic treatments first and none were strong enough. The other weekly routine that I did for the last six weeks of my treatment was do a Garlic cleanse once a week. The cleanse process was as follows. I would drink water and swallow 12-15 cloves of raw chopped up fresh (not preserved) garlic over the period about 4 hours. (About 1.5- 2 cloves every half an hour.) There is no need to chew the raw garlic, chop finely and swallow as you would swallow tablets. This would be done one a Friday or Saturday late afternoon. I would go to bed early and dress warmly. My body temperature would raise slightly (some people start shivering or sweating at some point during the night, but there is no danger so they should not be alarmed. It's simply the 'die-off' affect but keep warm since the raising of the body temperature is also part of the key.)The intense raw garlic consumption over the period of a few hours literally bombard the gut with antibacterial goodness and kills all forms of parasites and worms. Some people inspect their stool for the next few days to see what shows up but ofcourse Blasto parasites are far too small to see with the naked eye. I also did weekly coffee enimas for the last four weeks and a colonic two days after each Garlic cleanse. I found that the garlic cure (especially) combined with the Flagyl (especially) and some additional herbal medicines and routines literally transformed my life. Regaining health after such a terrible illness has been liberating and I am delighted to finally be symptom free and back to living a normal live again. I would like to send the message to anyone via your blog who has Blasto that it does take time to fix but a strict health regime such as I have explained above is absolutely a must and I would recommend to give yourself at least 6 months to recover. I would strongly encourage people to not just accept Blasto and leave it untreated. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to get the details of the clinic that I went to for the herbal treatments. (Based in Australia) Be patient in your recovery and get well. I hope that this information is helpful to others.